Lake Fairways Homeowners Association by Carl Gregg, President


The flu shot clinic will be held on October 16th from 9:00 to 11:30 and November 11th from 9:00 to 11:30 in the library in the clubhouse.  No signup is necessary.  If you need transportation, call a HOA board member at 239-839-2480 for the October clinic and 239-464-9339 for the November clinic.  It will be administered by Walgreens who will take almost all insurance plans.  

 Please bring your insurance card and ID


If you are a member of the HOA,  BJ Wholesale club memberships are $25 through the HOA. Call me at 543-6638 for a permission slip. If you currently on a HOA membership, you can now renew. Call with any questions


​September is the time when the Snowbirds start trickling in.  The HOA welcomes you back.  September is also the beginning of “the season” with many activities starting up such as the bowling league and the first monthly Home Owners meeting which is on September 22nd at 7:00 in the clubhouse.

Visiting nurses has discontinued the flu shot clinics for communities.  The HOA has secured another source to provide the flu shots.  Walgreens will be coming in on October 11th from 9:00 to 11:30 and on November 11th from 9:00 to 11:30.  Walgreens will accept almost all insurance plans.  If you need transportation, call a HOA Board member.  A list of names and numbers will be posted in the club house and in the October Informer.


I’m sorry to say that ELS has not offered the same deal that they gave Pine Lakes on the trash issue.  We have had face to face meetings as well a phone calls to the ELS Vice President will no positive results.  So on to court.  The next hearing will be in October.  The date has not been set yet.


Just as a reminder to residents, read the rules posted in the clubhouse and your phone book.  For one, the speed limit is 15 mph.  So many people speed around the park as if it were a race track.  As the season gets going, the roads will be full of walker, bikers, and golf carts.  Slow down and save a life.

As always, if you have an issue,  call a Board Member (they are listed in the clubhouse) and voice your concerns.


Thank you for being a member of the HOA.




Page Updated 08/30/2015

Lake Fairways Homeowner’s Assoc.
General Meeting
Next HOA meeting is September 22nd at 7 pm.


APRIL 28, 2015

 Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Helen Novella, Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Carl Gregg, Terry Fenech, Marie Butler
Absent: Randy Peterson, Sandie Gordon, George McHenry

Old Business: Carl Gregg talked about the pending Trash Cases. Deposition to be held on May 4th and Homeowners Committee to meet on May 7 with ELS and next Court Hearing is scheduled for May 11, 2015.

BJ’s Membership is still available for $25.00 for HOA members. See Carl Gregg for the forms.

New Business: Carl Gregg also talked about several of our Agenda Items with the park Manager Julie Flake and her Responses during our meeting of April 16th 2015.

Carl Gregg also talked about the meeting with FGUA (Florida Governmental Utility Authority) about our water rates. We are linked with Pine Lakes

Comments from the Attendees:

Sam Reese 12-Q indicated that FGUA charges $4.46 just for the billing charge. Which is ridiculous 

Jack Martin 16-A talked about the dead pine trees around Joe Weegar’s place at 16-H. There was 3 now there is 5-7 dead ones. Maybe we need to call Florida Tree Service Dept. or Agriculture for more information of what we can do rather than wait for ELS funds to remove these trees.

Motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded and approved at 7:20 PM 

Submitted by William Fleckenstein, Secretary

Maintenance Projects for Lake Fairways per Management


                                                      Carl Gregg                         President

                                                      Mimi Butler                      1st Vice President    

                                                      George McHenry             2nd Vice President       

                                                       Bill Fleckenstein              Secretary

                                                       Bob Bennett                    Treasurer


                                  Randy Peterson, Sandie Gordon, Terrence Fenech, & Helen Novella.



The following items are complete or in process of being completed.

 * Replacement of pool canopy

* Painting of pool deck

* Pool Ladder replacement

* Pot hole going into #1 cart path

* Tee markers to be cleaned throughout course and                    community

* Sandtrap outdoor furniture will be cleaned and                         umbrellas replaced

* Removal of dead, dying pine trees through out golf                  course in September

* Ongoing property tours / citations


Senior Safety Seminars

Join the Lee County Sheriff's Office for a series of free educational seminars designed to
provide tips on how to protect yourself from identity thieves, con-artists, and burglars,
These informative and stimulating presentations will be followed by a Q f:t A session.

September 2nd at 10:00am - Identity Theft: Prevention, Detection, Assistance
September 9th at 10:00am - Road Safety for Seniors

September 16th at 2:00pm - Personal Safety - Learn ways for safe living
September 23rd at 10:00am - BurgLary Prevention - Are you burglar proof?

September 30th at 10:00am - Frauds, Scams & Internet Safety

Sem i nars wi lL be heLd at:

UHC Medicare Store
6900 Daniels Pkwy 23-C

DanieLs Crossing Shopping Center (by the UPS Store)

Seating is Limited. CaLL 239-
561-9142 to reserve yours
today. light refreshments wi II
be provi ded.




Education Can Save You from Receiving a Citation

August 2015

In just a few days, summer vacation will come to an end and students will be returning to the classroom. This means our roadways will see an increase in pedestrian and automobile traffic, including those bright yellow school buses carrying our most precious cargo. Every year, residents are stumped when it comes to the law of stopping for a school bus, which can lead to disastrous consequences. To make sure you’re on the right side of the law this school year, the Lee County Sheriff's Office encourages you to “know before you go”. RULE #1: If you are going the same way as a school bus that is flashing red lights and has the stop arm extended, you must stop behind the bus and not move until the bus retracts the stop arm and turns off the red flashing lights. RULE #2: If you are going the opposite way of the school bus that is flashing red lights and has the stop arm extended, you must stop in front of the bus and not move until the bus retracts the stop arm and turns off the flashing red lights…..UNLESS: • You are on a divided highway and the roads are separated by an unpaved space by at least 5 feet or • a raised median, or • You are on a divided highway and the roadways are separated by a physical barrier Although monetary fines vary slightly throughout the State of Florida due to additional fees placed by individual counties and municipalities, this violation has a fine of $266 in Lee County, and carries with it four (4) points assessed to the violators driver’s license. In addition, if the school bus is passed on the side which children enter and exit, the violation is a mandatory court appearance, and if a second or subsequent violation of State Statute 316.172 occurs within a five year period, the driver’s license of the violator will be suspended for no less than six months and no more than one year. If you have questions regarding this safety and security tip, contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 477-1000. If you would like to report a fraud or scam, call the agencies fraud line at 258-3292.  


The horticulture area by the driving range is open on Wed and Fri from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM for residents only.  Please deposit only horticulture waste; please do not place tires or other garbage at the site.   Waste Pro will still pick up horticulture at your home on Monday,but it must be in a receptacle, bagged or bundled.


Will be back the week before Thanksgiving. 

     Fraud Alert

                    From The Office Of Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott

Fraudulent Tax Man Receives Big Return  
August 2015


Within 24 hours, a Lee County woman found herself out of $19,500 after being duped by con-artists in the on-going IRS scam that continues to plague Southwest Florida, as well as the nation. The woman contacted the Sheriff’s Office fraud line this morning to report the devastating financial loss; that will most likely end with little to no chance for monetary recovery. 

On Monday morning, the victim received a voice message on her home phone from someone claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service. When she returned the message, the scammer told her she owed $5,450 in back taxes from 2010-2014, and if she didn’t pay in twenty minutes, she would be arrested. She was instructed to go to a local grocery store and purchase multiple reloadable prepaid cards, which she did.

After complying with the scammer, the victim received a second phone call stating she had issues with her 2008-2010 tax returns, and would need to pay another $14,500 via wire transfer to avoid arrest. This time, the victim had to use her retirement savings in order to pay the heartless fraudster. In addition, she was asked to take a picture of her driver’s license and email it to

According to Federal authorities, the IRS impersonation scam has swindled victims out of more than $15 million since it began in 2013. The Lee County Sheriff's Office strongly encourages you NOT to respond to any call demanding immediate payment of back taxes, but instead urges you to call the IRS at 800-829-1040 so legitimate IRS employee can help determine whether or not you have tax issues.

If you have received an IRS imposter phone call and would like to report it to law enforcement; or if you have sent money to a scammer, please contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office Fraud Line at 258-3292.  You can also report the incident to TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) at 800-366-4484, or file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at 


The Hearing on the trash lawsuit is scheduled for October 5th at 2:30 pm.   We met with ELS and they rejected our proposal to get the same deal as Pine Lakes.  They said it was too expensive.  I'm really upset that they took that position.  So back  to court.

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