Lake Fairways Homeowners Association by Carl Gregg, President


The flu shot clinic will be held on November 11th from 9:00 to 11:30 in the library in the clubhouse.  No signup is necessary.  If you need transportation, call a HOA board member at 239-464-9339 for the November clinic.  It will be administered by Walgreens who will take almost all insurance plans.  

 Please bring your insurance card and ID


If you are a member of the HOA,  BJ Wholesale club memberships are $25 through the HOA. Call me at 543-6638 for a permission slip. If you currently on a HOA membership, you can now renew. Call with any questions


For those returning, we welcome you back. The first major events happened in
November: the craft show, the celebration of Veterans Day, the first
entertainment event of the season, the holiday home tours, decorating, and the
community Thanksgiving dinner.

December promises to be a busy month. The Homeowners meeting will be on
December 22nd. Because of scheduling conflicts, it could not be changed.

Hopefully by the time The Informer is distributed the roof of the clubhouse will be
completed, new pool furniture will be in, and the Sandtrap will have a new roof.

The flu shot clinic was a great success and will continue next year.

There are several issues we continually bring up to the Park Manager, such as
dead pine trees, the leftover stumps, the slough in front of the pro shop needing a
clean out, and many more. learn more at the Homeowners' meeting.

Elections for the Board of Directors will be held in February. If you want to be a
candidate, please contact John Stewart, Judy Stewart, or Frank Sullivan. The
candidates will be announced at the December Homeowners Meeting and will be
introduced at the January HOA Meeting.

An issue that comes up at every meeting is the speeding in the park. The speed
limit is 15 mph. Please abide by that speed limit. With all the walkers, bike riders,
dogs, and golf carts on the road, everyone needs to be cautious and drive in a
responsible manner.

If you have any questions or issues, ask any Board Member and your concerns will
be addressed.

Thanks for being a member of the HOA.



The horticulture area by the driving range is open on Wed and Fri from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM for residents only.  Please deposit only horticulture waste; please do not place tires or other garbage at the site.   Waste Pro will still pick up horticulture at your home on Monday,but it must be in a receptacle, bagged or bundled.

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Will be back the week before Thanksgiving. 
Lake Fairways Homeowner’s Assoc.
General Meeting
Next HOA meeting is November 24th at 7 pm.


The residents of the community have the good fortune of having an established “Homeowners’ Association” working on their behalf.

The purpose of the Association is to promote fellowship, goodwill and welfare, as well as the advancement and development of civic improvements for the residents, and to promote and encourage cooperative relationship in all social, civic, and legal matters which are pertinent to the Association.

The operation of the Association is governed by the By-Laws.  The Association conforms to Florida Statues, section 723.075 through 723.079.  The Association has been incorporated pursuant to Florida Statues, chapter 617 (Not for Profit Corporation).

The Association is governed by a Board of nine members, each serving for a three-year period. Three members are replaced annually. In compliance with the By-Laws, the Board of Directors has appointed an Election Committee to secure candidates and conduct an election, if required, to fill the expiring positions.

Residents owning a home on a leased lot located in Lake Fairways Country Club shall be eligible for membership in the Association.  There is a $20.00 annual membership to belong to the Association. Membership must be renewed annually by January 31st of each year. The homeowner must be a member of the Association in order to run for the Board or to vote in the election.

A resident of the Community who expresses an interest in becoming a candidate for the 2015 election may contact any member of the Election Committee, listed below, prior to December 1, 2015.
Election Committee:  John  217-433-0096
                                      Judy   239-896-5157
                                      Frank  239-543-4893


                                                      Carl Gregg                         President

                                                      Mimi Butler                      1st Vice President    

                                                      George McHenry             2nd Vice President       

                                                       Bill Fleckenstein              Secretary

                                                       Bob Bennett                    Treasurer


                                  Randy Peterson, Sandie Gordon, Terrence Fenech, & Helen Novella.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Meeting began at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Carl Gregg, Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Terry Fenech, Marie Butler, Helen Novella, George McHenry

Absent: Sandie Gordon, Randy Peterson

Minutes of April 28, 2015 were read and accepted.
Treasures report was read and accepted.

Freda Bennett talked about the 2015 Photo Directory. She thank all those who helped put the Directory together. She also indicated that there were 390 families. You will not be able to pick up other people’s Directory. You must sign when picking up your Directory.

Old Business: Carl Gregg talked about the pending Trask Case. This has been going on for 1 ½ years. Mediation had no effect what so ever. That is why we are going back to court on October 5th at 2:30 PM

New Business: Carl Gregg talked about Hurricane season is still in effect, so be aware of what the requirements are for Lake Fairways Residents. He also mentioned that the Flu Clinic dates are October 16th from 9 AM to 11:30
 And November 11th from 9AM to 11:30. He also talked about some of the Agenda Items the Board went over with the Park Manager, Julie Flake. Stage Curtain to be replaced within 3 weeks. Grass Carp (275) have been installed in the Lakes. Club House Roof to be replaced. Lily Pads will be sprayed by Lake Masters. Removal of Dead Pine Trees is an ongoing project. Now the Stumps need to be removed.

Comments from the Attendees: Patty Coll 8-J What about the letters that people are getting after the Management does the inspections. You need to contact the Park Manager or call the Concierge Office Lucy 731-2976.
Larry Paetzel 25-F   What are we asking for with the Trash Issue? We want them to abide by the lease and return a credit to each Homeowner. Also other items that our Lawyer and court will provide.

Ginny Hess 26-E Asking that the new people help with the Christmas Decorations in and around the Club House. 

George Schudel 45-J Speed Bump in front of the Maintenance Department. Why can’t we get it removed or add more speed bumps.  We need to slow people down in that area.
It will be addressed at our next meeting with the Park Manager Julie Flake.

John Caloia 20-A I walk around the park and many of the roads are in need of repair. Also the Waste Pro trucks are damaging the roads. Several CulDESac roads are being resurfaced every year until all of them are done.

Norm Madoian 32-L There are several limbs from trees at 32-A&B that have fallen down into the road and on to the homes. Why are they not being removed by the Maintenance Department.  If these trees are not pine trees they belong to the home owners and it is their responsibility. If the limbs are into the road that could be handled by maintenance. Will look into this situation.

Motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded and approved at 7:45 PM

Submitted by William Fleckenstein, Secretary

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