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If you are a member of the HOA,  BJ Wholesale club memberships are $25 through the HOA. Call me at 543-6638 for a permission slip. If you currently on a HOA membership, you can now renew. Call with any questions


                                                      Carl Gregg                         President

                                                      Dick Gable                         1st Vice President    

                                                      Mimi Butler                       2nd Vice President       

                                                      Dick Hayes                         Secretary

                                                      Bob Bennett                      Treasurer


                                               Jim Johns,  Randy Peterson, & Bill Fleckenstein         

Lake Fairways Homeowner’s Assoc.
General Meeting

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The horticulture area by the driving range is open on Wed and Fri from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM for residents only.  Please deposit only horticulture waste; please do not place tires or other garbage at the site.   Waste Pro will still pick up horticulture at your home on Monday,but it must be in a receptacle, bagged or bundled.





FEB 24 - 27,

MARCH 10 - 13


MARCH 24 - 27.



At the request of your HOA, management has approved a fresh market for Lake Fairways. Starting Saturday, November 22nd,Lake Fairways will have a fresh market in our clubhouse parking lot. They will start selling fresh fruit and vegetables at 9:30 am until noon. This will be every Saturday, rain or shine until May. Cash or check, no credit cards..
Pine Lakes/Lake Fairways Maintenance Team received the
​ "2014 Maint. Team of the Year" award for Florida!!


Homeowners Association

by Carl Gregg, President

The season is off to a fast start. The craft show was Nov 8th and was a huge success. That same evening was a delightful night of music and
comedy put on by the Entertainment Committee.

By the time you read this, Veterans Day will have passed and the Veterans Memorial has been dedicated. The Men’s Club did a magnificent job in putting it all together, and the ELS maintenance guys, especially Dan and Sam, did an outstanding job putting the plans into place. The Memorial is awesome.
Take a look the next time you go up to the clubhouse to remember those who fought for our country. 

Please put on your calendars the HOA monthly meeting will be on December 17th. December’s is early because of the Christmas Holiday.

The lawsuit continues to make its way through the justice system. The next hearing is Dec 8th at 11:00 a.m.

If you’re interested in getting hold of our Park Manager, Julie Flake, her telephone number is 239-340-6670 and her email address is

By the time you read this we will have had our first farmers market in the clubhouse parking lot from 9:30 to 12:00.

This will continue every Sat. 

According to FGUA, the new water tank should have arrived either right before or right after Thanksgiving.

That way, we should not any boil notices over the holiday.

Please visit our website It’s full of information about what’s going on around the park.

Although elections for the Board of Directors of the HOA are a few months away, the elections committee is hard at work seeking candidates for 3 open positions on the Board. If you are interested in taking an active role in the park, contact the Elections Chairperson Kathy Hornback or her committee members Helen Novella and Will Aubit.

Please don’t forget to pay your HOA dues by January 31. You will not be able to vote in the election on February 24th if you don’t.

The HOA values your input. Please talk to a board member if you have any concerns.

The names and telephone numbers are posted on the board across from the men’s bathroom.

To all those going north (brrr!) for the holidays and to those staying in sunny Florida, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

FHOA General Meeting 
Nov. 25, 2014 7:00pm
​Pledge of Allegiance followed by thanks to Canadians for standing for the Pledge.
Directors present: Carl Gregg, Richard Hayes, Randy Peterson, Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Dick Gable, Mimi Butler, George McHenry. Absent: Jim Johns.
Minutes were read by Richard Hayes; motion to approve, seconded, passed.
Treasurer’s report was given by Bob Bennett; motion to approve, seconded, passed.
Old Business: HOA election committee: Will Aubut, Helen Novella, and Kathy Hornback, chairperson. In January nominations will be taken from the floor.
Trash lawsuit is scheduled for Dec. 8th at 10:00am in room 4H of the Lee County Court House.
FGUA will install a new water tank on Dec. 2nd and water will be turned off from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Residents will be notified by FGUA on Nov. 28th.
Freda Bennett reported that the farmer’s market was a success and will continue every Saturday at 9:30am until May.
BJ’s program is ongoing. Contact Carl Gregg for information.
New Business :Thief was apprehended for the burglary on Tuckaway Court.
Taxes will be about the same as last year.
Carl Gregg expressed appreciation on behalf of all residents for the outstanding work done on the Veterans’ Memorial. Special recognition was given to Jon Stewart who designed the Memorial and to John Lambert who organized the project, as well as to everyone who worked on it.
Our park manager said that our maintenance crew was recognized by ELS as the best maintenance crew in Southwest Florida.
More and better security is being considered by Management.
The slough across from the Sand Trap has been cleaned and will be dug with a backhoe as soon as it dries.
Shuffleboard courts are almost finished.
Carp will be released in February.
The south perimeter fence will be worked on.
The tree at the pool has been cut down.
Clarification of rules to park near Pro Shop.
Mail box lights are the responsibility of the home owner. Parts can be purchased from ELS.
​Following a 360 inspection of homes, letters were sent by Management to homes needing improvement.
Capital expenditures have been completed and a posting will follow.
Residents are encourage to join FMO. Carl Gregg emphasized that the HOA cannot make ELS do things. We can only strongly suggest.
f a resident has an issue, he or she should contact a Board member.
From the Floor:Jack Dunmead, 49J, suggested that homeowners do not pay for the trash charge that will be on the January bill. However, Carl Gregg clarified that if not paid, there will be a late fee of $40 per month until the trash fee is paid. He also said that he would discuss the possibility of not paying the fee with our attorney.
Mr. Dunmead then suggested that we decline to pay half of the stocking fee for the carp.
John Lambert, 26N, talked about the lighting of the entrance at 6:30 on Thanksgiving.
He also urged people to slow down on the roads because a couple of people decorating the
boulevard almost got hit.
Bud Berger, 2H, requested volunteers to help decorate the inside of the clubhouse on Friday morning after Thanksgiving at 8:00am.
Motion to adjourn meeting, seconded, approved at 7:35pm.
​Respectfully submitted,Richard Hayes, secretary