May 7th was the last day for Roger, our Veggie Guy. He will be back in November. 


APRIL 26, 2016


PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Terry Fenech, Mike James, Marie Butler
ABSENT: Carl Gregg, Ron Hutz, Sandie Gordon, Helen Novella


OLD BUSINESS: Thank you to Ron McManus for putting out and taking in the Veggie signs. May 7th will be the last day for (Roger) the Veggie Man. Coffee will continue for the summer months. We have received several volunteers to continue this program. Still looking for additional help in the fall. Sand Trap repairs ELS Asset Management and VP will visit in the next couple of weeks to review and put together the full scope for the project. Many cars are parked on the lawns throughout the park. Lake Fairways Manufactured Home Park Rules and Regulations per Prospectus page 22 section VII paragraph 4 reads: No street parking is permitted with the exception of Temporary guest.

Never park on the grass.

NEW BUSINESS: 360 degree inspection will be starting this week. There are a number of homes in need of yard work.

COMMENTS FROM THE ATTENDEES: Norm Madoian 32-L asked about the repairs to the Sand Trap. We just talked about that under old business.  

Skip Gamsby 56-J when will the slough area be cleaned? At the last meeting of March 22nd we indicated that Lake Management will spray the growth and then Ameripride will come in and clean out the dead debris. ELS will budget for a complete dredging project in early 2017. Skip also asked why doesn’t  Ameripride trim around bushes and trees. You need to contact Lucy our Concierge and have your concerns listed. Most of the time they only trim around the lake areas.  Skip also asked what is considered the working order of the mail box light. It should be able to come on at dusk and go off at dawn.  Jack Martin 16-A said that ELS will no longer provide the lens covers for the mail box lights free of charge. The HOA Board will talk with them in order to purchase several lens or ask where they buy them and look into having several on hand. Chris Blanchard 4-P said she would like to provide some good news about the Board Members Bill and Freda (acting in Bob’s behalf). She witnessed them checking out the Pool/Hot Tub area damage concerns. Thank You. Russ Robertson 9-0 was concerned about the 360 degree inspection that the list date was really the date they inspected. The board will take this up with the Park Manager. Walter Collins 57-G asked about boats coming up the Lake by the Maintenance Area. The cable that is there is being lifted up and the boats are coming into our Park to fish. Is this legal and what can be done to prevent this happening in the future? The board will ask the park manager about what we can or can’t do to stop boaters from entering into our park.

50/50 was conducted 

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:45PM
Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary


The horticulture area by the driving range is open on Wed and Fri from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM for residents only.  Please deposit only horticulture waste; please do not place tires or other garbage at the site.   Waste Pro will still pick up horticulture at your home on Monday,but it must be in a receptacle, bagged or bundled.

Page Updated 05/10/2016




 Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month,  3 pm Clubhouse Lobby.

Please tell any on your friends who are renting , if they would like to attend an owners meeting, they may, but will not receive the gift packet.
Karen 357-4220  - summer months
Betty 543-3686 - during season
You will receive a gift packet with coupons valued over $100.00 to be used in Lake Fairways. 


Lake Fairways Homeowner’s Assoc.
General Meeting
Next HOA meeting is scheduled in October, unless there are issues that need to be addressed. The board will continue to meet with management throughout the summer. If you have any issues, please call a board member. Thanks



Lake Fairways Homeowners Association by Bob Bennett


If you are a member of the HOA,  BJ Wholesale club memberships are $30 through the HOA. Call me at 543-6638 for a permission slip. If you currently on a HOA membership, you can now renew.


Many of the activities around the park are starting to slow down.

The summer months bring a new phase to those of us that remain in Lake Fairways.

Believe it or not, gas prices go down, and we can get into our favorite restaurants without a wait time. 

The HOA board would like to thank Patia Ashley and Adriana  Watkins for their many years of service at Saturday coffee. We are currently trying find their replacement. We would like to have several couples to share the monthly duties. If you are interested, or  have any questions , please any board member. 

The cul-de-sac paving program will continue. The contract for paving is in process. The cul-de-sacs scheduled are 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 51. The work is scheduled for sometime after April 13th. Hopefully work may be completed before this issue is received.

Work on the Sand Trap upgrade will also be starting. The first part of the project will be the upgrade of the electrical system. We will try to keep everybody informed as the work progresses on our website. 

Speeding in the park continues to be a problem. Our speed limit is 15 miles per hour. If you pass a golf cart while driving your car you are probably speeding. Pedestrians, bicycles and golf carts have the right of way.Walkers should always face oncoming traffic in a single file and remain alert at all times. If walking when it is dark please carry a flashlight for your safety. 

The HOA board will continue to meet on a monthly bases with management throughout the summer months. We will post any important issues on the HOA website, 

As always, if you have a question or concern, please contact a board member. Our names and telephone numbers are listed in the phone directory and are also posted on the HOA board located in main hallway,

across from men's bathroom. 

Everyone a have a safe and enjoyable summer. We look forward seeing the snowbird back in the fall.




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                                                     Carl Gregg                                 1st Vice President    

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                              Sandie Gordon, Terrence Fenech, Ron Hutz & Mike James