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Summer Fun presents:


In the Clubhouse Main Hall

 March 22   CANCELED

Doors open at 4:30pm. Races are from 5pm-8pm

$.25 per gator per race or

   $1 per gator per race

Trifecta (Races 6,7,8) $5.00








 Memorial Day Celebration



Were you there?  Did you see them?  The Red Team ruled the games!  Our event started with the Pledge of Allegiance as told by Red Skelton.  When we all said the Pledge, it sounded more meaningful than it had in a long time.  While we dined, we heard some very interesting facts about the origin and history of Memorial Day. 

The attendees shared some fabulous dishes that were enjoyed by all.  Seconds and thirds abounded.  The wings from Beef O’Brady’s and the Publix subs filled us to the brim.  When you can hear a pin drop during dinner, you know the eats were great.  As always, our extras were shared with the Fire Department to thank them for being there whenever we need them.

As was done last year, there were several games played to keep the activity at a high and the laughs rolling in.  The three teams, Red, Blue and Green squared off for a fight to the finish and bragging rights until next Memorial Day.  With a couple of very close games, the title finally went to the RED TEAM!  Whether you were a player or a cheerleader, you had a role in the activity.  There are already rumbles about “wait ‘til next year!”

A special thank you to all the men and women who gave their lives so we could live in such a wonderful, free country.


Summer Fun Gator



And they’re off… the gators were running and keeping our crowds quite entertained this summer.  We had 6 “celebrity gators” at our events: Miss Alli-gator - the only female in the swamp- she kept them chasing her all season; Wally-gator- was the “senior” of the swamp and left them all behind more times than not: Navi-gator – knew his way round and them led them to the finish line several times; Fumi-gator – “let out” his secret weapon whenever he got the lead; Insta-gator – would start a little trouble, get everyone going, then take off on them; and of course Uni-gator – who would calm everyone and then take off like lightening.

Truth be told, it was often hard to decide where to watch, the gators in action or the cheering crowds.  Everyone seemed to enjoy making their guesses were rewarded accordingly.  Many have asked us to do this once a month from October through March.  Guess we’ll see



Drop Anchor on




As excited as we were to go on the Father’s Day Pirate Cruise, Mother Nature dropped anchor on us!  In addition, she dropped so much rain we were flooded in- in the restaurant we all met at before we took off.

In true Summer Fun tradition, NOTHING STOPS A GOOD TIME! Our group enjoyed a fantastic meal, good conversation and plenty of laughs at the “Parrot Cay” restaurant dockside.  Yes we were rained out, but none the less, we still had a fun time.




It’s a Mystery!

Our 4th of July Summer Fun Celebration was such a mystery.  As a matter of fact, it was a Mystery Dinner Party. 

We were grillin’, chillin’ and killin’.

Once again our amazing Summer Fun volunteers created a truly memorable party.  Our volunteers were characters in an “on he spot” murder mystery.  Each character was given a suggested costume for the party.  As usual- they were absolutely fabulous.  There were 3 acts to our dinner mystery.  For each act the characters were given clues and information to share with everyone as they roamed the entire room.  The challenge was- they didn’t get to see the information until the last minute, right there in front of everyone.  They didn’t even know if they were going to be the murderer or the victim until the last act.  Our guests were the investigators and needed to help solve the mystery.  Out of approximately 100 attendees we had 11 top notch detectives solve the murder correctly.  Jerry White,  playing Corey Melon, the Canine Behavior Specialist, was our victim, murdered by Sunny Sundo playing Omari Shady, the Make-up Artist .

As usual:  good friends, good times, laughter and fun for all= another Summer Fun Success!




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