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Robert P Bennett Jr.

(27-G)  Grenelefe Court

      I was born in Toledo Ohio. My wife, Freda and I have been happily married for 49 years and have two children and five grandchildren.

I served 6 years with the Ohio National Guard joining before my senior year in high school.

I graduated from the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. During college I worked for A&P food stores as an auditor. 

After graduation I started working for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services as a tax compliance auditor. In 1980, I was transferred to Columbus, Ohio as the Supervisor of Ohio Unemployment Tax Collections. In 1992 I was promoted to the Assistant Chief of the compliance department and became Chief of the department in 2000.

As Chief of the department I was responsible for 150 auditors and other staff located throughout the state.  I worked closely with Ohio businesses and other agencies.  I retired after 31 years of state service.

We have been coming to Lake Fairways since 1985 visiting my in-laws, the Marshes. We bought our home in Lake Fairways in 2000.

I have been on the Homeowners Board for six years. I was Treasurer for my first two years and elected by the board as president for the last four years. 

While serving on Lake Fairways Homeowners Board I make every effort to bring better communication between ELS and the homeowners. I receive many calls from residents with concerns and make certain their concerns were relayed to management. 

I became a full-time resident in 2007. Since becoming a full-time resident I've served on our Entertainment Committee for 9 years, member of the HOA for 6 years. I've worked as a stagehand with the Take A Bow. I enjoy golfing and spending time cruising.

If reelected to the Homeowners Board I would continue to keep the communication open and strive to keep management aware of the problems and concerns of our residents. 

This is my home and I want to make it the best that I can. 

  Thank you, Bob


Judy Carson

(39F) Harbour Tree


I am a licensed registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science/Nursing degree from the University Detroit-Mercy (RN, BSN) in Michigan. I worked forty -five years for the Oakwood-Beaumont Health system in various roles. I am proud to let you know I have three sons that I am very proud of: James, Andrew, and Sean plus my wonderful daughters-in-law and my four awesome grandchildren.

Yes, I consider myself a fulltime resident even though I spend 4 months on an island off the Michigan coastline in Canadian waters. So how is it possible for me to think fulltime? I stay in contact with my LFWC executive board and conduct business all summer.

I care about Lake Fairway’s very much so I enjoy all that I can do for this community. I am currently the President of the Lake Fairway’s Women’s Club.  I also feel I have been effective accomplishing good things around Lake Fairways with the help of our wonderful hard-working ladies and of course, the great hard-working men in our community. While being President of the LFWC, I have learned what our community needs and if, we as a community, could accomplish that and we were able to do so, we did just that.

If you really know me, then you know that I am confident to be able to fulfill a position on our HOA board. I have experience having served on an HOA board up north and the acting chairman on the Building & Planning committee there.

If you chose to elect me to the HOA board I promise to give you 100% in return.

Thank You, Judy


George F. Files

(22-D) Firestone Court


George F. Files

(22-D) Firestone Court


I was born April 15, 1937 in Gorham, Maine. I was raised on a dairy farm.

I married my wonderful wife Louise in 1958. We have four sons and ten grandchildren. I graduated from the University of Maine in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

I worked for an Agricultural Cooperative for 23 years. My areas of responsibility there were Retail Management, District Retail Manager, NE, Construction Manager, NE. I was transferred to Corporate Headquarters in Syracuse, NY in 1972. My responsibilities were Purchasing, Advertising and Management.

I resigned in 1996 to start our own business – Manufacturing Representative Agency, Sales. The company represented manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and China. Three of our sons joined us in the business and it is still in operation.

I was elected to the Board of our Condo Association in Marcellus, NY in 2018.

At Lake Fairways, I served 2 years as Vice President of the Lake Fairways Golf Association (2016 – 2017), 2 years as President of the Lake Fairways Golf Association (2018 – 2019).  I am currently a member of the Lake Fairways Entertainment Committee.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bill Fleckenstein

(48-M) Mission Hills Court


My wife, Linda and I have been married for 54 years. We have three children and five grandchildren. We bought here in 2004. After being snowbirds for 8 years, we sold our house in Portsmouth, NH. In August of 2012 we moved here permanently.

I spent 4 years in the US Air Force from 1959 to 1963. I went to work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard working on submarines for the Department of the Navy. After 32 years, I retired as a Mechanical Engineer. I then went to work as a Mechanical Engineer for a private contractor for another 11 years.

I spent 3 years on the Lake Fairways Entertainment Committee and 3 years as the Vice President of the Lake Fairways Bowling League. I am also Treasurer of the Lake Fairways Golf Association. I am presently Secretary of The Lake Fairways Home Owners Association. 

I am running for re-election to the Home Owners Association, because I have worked very hard to get the many changes/upgrades we all have witnessed over the past six years. Just to name a few: Trash Settlement, new roof on the Club House, 3 new bridges, paving of Cul de Sac roads, Pool and Hot Tub resurfaced, new pool furniture, the remodeling of the Sand Trap, AC installed, and adjacent bathrooms redone, Bocce Ball Court renewed, new perimeter fence, new entrance lighting for the Club House parking lot. 

Since I am here full time, I feel this is a great advantage to keep up with the repairs that need to be done in Lake Fairways. The Board meets with the ELS Park Manager once a month to go over the things we feel need to get fixed/repaired. This has been a very good way for ELS to listen to our requests.

Please elect me a member of the Lake Fairways Home Owners Association Board.

Thank you, Bill



David Gielow

46 K ( Merion Court)

My name is David Gielow, known as “Captain Dave,” by the Summer Fun Cruisers.  As a resident of Lake Fairways for 3 years anda Florida resident for over 20 years, my wife Sue, our daughter

Tricia, and I are active members of our community.  I’ve played a major role in the Summer Fun program and am a member of the Men’s Club.  My singing talents (ha-ha) have me at Sandtrap Karaoke on most Friday nights.

Professionally I’m a 3-time business owner and have been in construction over 45 years, presently as a General Superintendent. In the past 2 years of my career I’ve been involved in multiple construction projects in other similar communitiesin SW Florida.  I’ve seen many things in those communities that work there and could improve our community as well.  If you want to know more about those things, come talk to me.  I’m here to listen. 

I believe I have a lot to bring to our community.  I would like to be the Board Watchdog of Florida Law 723 which the law requires us to abide by. This community is more than a home to our family. Our community “is”, in my eyes, an extension of our family.  We need to be here for each other. 

Forgive my late entry, but as we are no longer moving to Belize, I feel I can now fully commit myself to Lake Fairways.

I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.

Thank you. Dave


     Jerry White

    (35-I) Innisbrook Court



I am married to Ethel for 46 years now. I have five children from my first time around, and five children of Ethel’s from her first time around. We now have 26 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to New Jersey when I married Ethel. In 1955, I joined the US Navy and served aboard two amphibious ships. In 1962 I became a licensed real estate sales person, then a licensed real estate broker. I was branch sales manager for a few years, then a partner in a Philadelphia real estate brokerage firm. Then in 1976 I decided I preferred appraising real estate and I opted to be a one-man residential appraisal shop for the next forty years, retired at 78. I have an Associates Degree in Business from LaSalle University, Philadelphia. My outside activity was as a president of an Irish American Unity Conference chapter in New Jersey.

We became snowbird owners here in Lake Fairways in 2015 and became year-round residents in 2017. I am an active member of the Lake Fairways Choir and a volunteer with the Lake Fairways Summer Fun group. I volunteer at the Cape Coral Veterans Clinic as a wheelchair pusher. We are very happy here in Lake Fairways and I would like the opportunity to help make Lake Fairways even better than it is today.

Thank you , Jerry