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LFGA Board Meeting – Minutes- January 21, 2020


Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, George Files, Bill Fleckenstein, Sandy Young, Alan Stinson, Alan Keefer, Nancy and Dennis Kelly, Linda and Erv LaFave, Lynne Festa

ELS Staff in attendance:  Jim Eggers, Steve Allbritton

Freda called the meeting to order at 1:04

Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

1)      We are getting a lot more weeds on the greens.

Response:  We continue to spray to prevent weeds.

2)      When they cut the greens they need to whip along the edge to mulch loose clipping

Response:  They do whip the clippings every day in different directions.         

3)      When the greens are mowed, can the equipment be driven over the sides or rear of the greens instead of right down the front aprons which has often left tire ruts in front of the greens?

Response:  This has been stopped.

4)      On hole 14 at the Men’s Tees.  The post holding the trash bin is loose.

Response:  This has been fixed.

5)      On holes 12 .   Can the pine straw be raked along the cart path at the tee box?  It is slippery in the mornings when it is wet.  We know we should use the stairs but not everyone does.

Response:  The pine straw will be raked on the cart path and the stairs.

6)      On holes 12 and 13 can the palmettos be aggressively cut back?

Response:  Jim will have these areas trimmed again.

7)      Can the roots on the Men’s Tees of hole 4 be removed?

Response:  Jim and Steve will speak to Joshua Tree about this.

8)      It appears in some areas that the mowers are dumping clippings in some areas. If they need to be dumped it should be away from the base of the greens.

Response: The mowers will be told to not do this.

9)      There is still a low hanging tree on the right side of the hole 6 fairway.

Response:  This was cut back last week.

10)   Do the sand traps ever get physically raked to level the sand upward?  Using the tractor does not get rid of stones.

Response:  This does get done. The rocks reappear as the sand washes away.  We need more sand.

11)   Many times the sand boxes on the tees are empty.

Response:  Per Steve it is mandatory that Davey keep these filled.

12)   We gave you a list of our Tournaments.  During our last tournament mowing of the fringe was being done during play.

Response: Jim will remind the mowers of these events.

13)   The greens on holes 2, 5, 9, 14 are looking bad and need special care.

Response: Plans are being made to control the dollar weed.  This will be tended to now and more forcefully in the summer.

14)   When is the projected date to start the lake wall replacement/repair on hole 17?

Response:  mid-summer

15)   It was reported that on December 28th we had another fall on the 8th green cart path. Something must be done to avoid all the falls.  We have the same problem on hole 10. Can you put anything on to make them less slippery?

Response:  Steve will look into finding a solution to this problem.

16)   In regards to the sand washing away from the trap on hole 10 and the hard packed sand in the trap on hole 13 what can be done?

Response:  The bunkers will be redone next year.

Other items/issues discussed by Steve and Jim:

1)      Steve is planning a Course Appreciation Day.  Members will be asked to volunteer to ride the course and fix/repair all divots and ball marks.  Steve will give instruction on how to properly repair divots.

2)      The LFGA, Men’s and Ladies Leagues will be reminded to fix/repair all divots.

3)      Jim was thanked for removing the rebar on holes 10 and 16.

4)      It was asked that the water in the ball washers be changed more regularly.

5)      Steve mentioned to Jim that the tees could be watered for an extra minute or 2 to make it easier to place tees in ground.

6)      Jim stressed the fact that they try to keep the course in the same shape as for they do for the Club Championship all year.

7)      Jim was asked to remind the mowers to move the ball markers to all four corners of the tee box not just back and forth or left to right.

Secretary’s Report:  reading of the report as waived due to the fact that everyone receives it via email.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of January 10, 2020 the ending balance is $9,372.31

Membership Report:  As of January 21, 2020 there are 118 men and 82 women.

Vice President’s Report:  Al Cristello reported that the New Year’s Resolution tournament went well.  The signup sheets have been posted for Club Championship.  The Volunteers for the Club Championship will also be posted soon.  It was asked to not sign up until you are sure you will be available.

Rules: Al Keefer had nothing to report

Men’s League:  Al Stinson was complimented for the great job of listing the Divisions for the Men’s League Championship

Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy Young spoke of having a bench installed close to the Pro Shop for safety and convenience reasons.   Sandy spoke to Jeff Belle, ELS Manager, about this issue.  Jeff asked Sandy to send 3 possible sites for the bench to him.  Pat Hutz and Shirley Beaton are on a Committee for this endeavor and have asked for a few men to join the Committee.  It was also mentioned that John Westfere could possibly make a bench for us.

Couples at Large:  Dennis & Nancy Kelly and Erv & Linda LaFave reported that all went well at the New Year’s Resolution Tournament pot luck.  The new freezer been purchased.

Pro Shop:  Jerry continues to remind members to please enter course problems in the Fix-It Book.

New Business:

Lake Fairways does not have a 9 Hole League at this time.  We will try and recruit someone to spear head the 9 Holers to reestablish their League.

Bill Fleckenstein noted that some members with Blue Handicap flags are driving too close to the green.  They should be reminded to stay behind the blue stake not in front of it.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Festa






LFGA Semi-Annual General Meeting 

November 22, 2019

Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, George Files, Lynne Festa

ELS Staff in attendance:  Steve Allbritton, Jerry Jaromin

Freda called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Freda led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Steve Allbritton spoke on behalf of Jim Eggers, Davey, on the condition of our golf course.

Jim and Steve feel that the course is in good shape and will to continue to move forward on improving all aspects.

Sand was replaced in some of the sand traps this past summer and will be machine spun.  Full repair of sand traps on Holes # 10 and 18 will be done next summer.

Over seeding will be completed within the next 10 days.  Watering will be have to done for 7-8 days following the completion of the over seeding causing wet areas.  Until watering is completed you may lift, clean and place on Fairways Only.

There will be no chemical spraying during  league play. 

Please continue to repair your divets.

The tee box markers will be moved daily.

The palmettos will be trimmed back along the cart paths.

The men’s tees on Hole # 15 will be moved back to their original position within the next week.

Steve then spoke of the following:

LF is losing Julie Flake.  Julie has accepted another position with ELS.  We are losing a strong catalyst in getting work done on the course.

Steve thanked Jerry Jaromin for all he does for us.  Jerry got a standing ovation.

Steve thanked the Board for all their efforts.

Steve briefly mentioned the 5 new rules being put in place by the USGA.  Steve will have a Q & A session in December.  Date and time to be announced.

President’s Report:

Freda reminded us that there is a Fix-it book in the Pro Shop. If you see something out of order on the course please enter it into the book.   It is reviewed daily by Jim Eggers.

Freda commended Betty Dunmead for the great selection of merchandise in the Pro Shop.

Freda thanked George Files for purchasing the freezer, Dennis and Nancy Kelly and John Westfere were also thanked for their work in getting the new League shed in order.

Secretary’s Report:  Reading of the report was waived. It was posted on the Lake Fairways web page and on the LFGA Community board.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of November 20, 2019 the ending balance is $7,140. 39.  It was approved and accepted.

Membership Report:  As of this date we have 113 paid members.  We will have approximately 125 more members when the November and December dues are paid.

Nine Hole League:  As of this date we do not have a Nine Hole League.  If anyone is interested in being President they were asked to come forward.

Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy Young stated that all is going well.  Sandy congratulated the winners of the Ladies November shoot out.

1st place:  Barbara Flournoy

2nd place:  Sandi Keefer

3rd place: Rose Ann Chadwick

Annie Souza announced that, again this season, the Ladies 18 Hole League will be sponsoring the Rally for the Cause on February 23, 2020.  The specific charity has not yet been announced.

Men’s League:  Alan Stinson reported that all is going well.

Pro Shop:  Jerry had nothing new to report.

New Business:

Freda reported that Jim Eggers receives a copy of all questions regarding the course conditions prior to the Board meetings.  This helps is Jim to be aware of our concerns and can respond accordingly.

Membership was asked for a volunteer to compile next year’s LFGA booklet.

George Files and Alan Cristello announced the winners of the Turkey Trot Tournament.  The 5 players from the top 9 teams each received a $10.00 gift card.  The 5 players from the 17th place team each received a  $5.00 gift card.

Pat Hutz reported that we have 34 Volunteers who continue to work on the Tee Box Beautification project.

Rose Ann Chadwick raised a question about not having to hit over the water holes.  It was stated that this is a new Local Rule.  Sandy Young will investigate the Ladies 18 Hole League handbook to see if this complies with their rules.  Lucy Jaromin stated that Steve initiated the new Local Rule for the entire League. Steve will be asked if this rule is in effect for Tournaments, Championship and Shoot Outs.

Alan Cristello reported that the Christmas Tournament will be held on December 2, 2019.  The format will include teams of twosomes.  All tee times will be in the morning.  Deadline for sign up is November 29, 2019.  You can decorate your cart for this tournament and prizes will be awarded.

The January New Year’s Resolution Tournament will be held January 6th and 7th.  There will be morning and afternoon sessions.  The pot luck for this tournament will be held Sunday, January 12th.

Cindy Asaro and Ann Stobe will be manning the Starters Table for the Club Championship for the last time this year.  Volunteers are being sought to accompany Cindy and Ann to get familiar with the process.

Dede Martin asked if any Board positions will be open at the end of this season.  All Board members will be returning next year.

Freda thanked Erv and Linda LaFave, Couple at Large, and Cindy and Vince Asaro for their help tonight.

Ann and Rich Boutette were also thanked for helping with the 50/50.

Freda asked for continued prayers for our Members with health issues.

50/50:  there were 7 winners at $20.00 each.

The meeting adjourned at 6:35.

Lynne Festa




March 7th              First Round Club Championship
March 8th             Final Round Club Championship
March 13th            Interclub Tournament @ Lake Fairways
March 14th           Interclub Tournament @ Pine Lakes
April 6th               April Fools Tournament
May 4th                May Tournament
June 1st               Flag Day Tournament
July 6th               Firecracker Tournament
August 3rd            Dog Day Tournament




Writer: Frank Starzomski

The new year has arrived and the Snowbirds are renewing old friendships and acquaintances.

Director of Golf, Steve Allbritton. and the maintenance staff are continuing to focus on course improvement as the Club Championships approach. Golfers appreciate the improved greens, tee boxes and the overall look of the course.  Much remains to be done but things are heading in the right direction.

Golf continues to be a healthy, popular American senior’s outdoor recreation activity. Lake Fairways is fortunate to have a course in the community. Residents are encouraged to visit the Pro Shop for more information. Give golf a try!

Volunteers are always welcome. Anyone interested in helping with the various golf events are encouraged to leave their name at the Pro Shop counter.

The tee box flower planting is maturing and it is a pleasant addition to our golf experience.

Hit ‘um long and straight….













1. For those players starting play in September, you must have posted a minimum, of 10 scores by February 1st.


2. For those players starting in January. you must have posted 5 scores by February 1st.


3. If you have any questions. please check your score entries at the pro shop.





Ladies 18 Hole Golf League Annual

Hole in One and Putting Contest

 February 23rd, 2020

Noon - 3 p.m

Sign up in the Pro shop to work.



We will have a Shredding Truck available in the clubhouse parking lot on February 21,2020,

from 1 pm - 3pm

 This is available anyone in

Lake Fairways and  Pine Lakes.

We are asking for a minimal donation of $ 5.00.

 Large Banker's Box $10.00

All proceeds will go to the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


Ladies 18 Hole League Brown Bag Meeting –

January 8, 2020


Board Members in attendance:  Sandy Young, Nancy Sweet, Karen Pierce, Diane Dodson, Maryellen McCabe, Lynne Festa

Board Members Absent:  Suzanne Cummings

There were 43 Members in attendance.

Sandy called the meeting to order at 12:00

Secretary’s Report: Lynne read the minutes. They were approved and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Karen reported that as of December 26, 2019 the ending balance was $3,138.58. The report was approved and accepted.  Karen also reported that as of this date we have 65 Members.

Old Business:

1)      Lu McEwen congratulated the winners of the December Shoot Out

2)      Sandy thanked Nancy Sweet for the fantastic Christmas Tournament and Luncheon.

3)      Sandy also thanked Pat Hutz and Laura Broad for continuing with the Tee Beautification project

New Business:

1)      Sandy Gordon has spoken with Joanne Rose.  Joanne has requested that all Lake Fairways Clubs get involved with the decorating the boulevard next Christmas season.  Joanne will provide the lights and perhaps some money to help fund the project.  Membership will vote on this at a later date.

2)      Maryellen McCabe, Handicap Chair discussed the new handicap system.

a)       It appears that most handicaps will change 5-7 strokes.  This system is based on Handicap Index.

b)      It appears that all information that we could see in the old system is in the new system.  It may just be in a different place.

c)       When you open the home page you will see your handicap index but you must go to the Golf Courses line to find your actual course handicap.

d)      The home page of the Kiosk machine in the Pro Shop will look different than your home computer, tablet or cell phone home page.

e)      We can look at the score card to figure the hardest to easiest holes on our course.

f)        Nancy Kelly has developed a spread sheet that shows all handicaps and how many stokes you have on each hole.  This will be emailed to the Membership.  Those who do not have printing availability can see Sandy and one will be printed for you.

g)       Maryellen also explained that the 4 Flights, A, B, C and D are put into these categories not exactly by your handicap but in a balanced manner.  Maryellen tries to make each flight reflect an equal number of participants.

h)      With this new system you can post your scores with the outside courses you play that appear in your profile.

3)       Games Chair: Diane noted that the game listed in our handbook for January 29th is incorrect. It should read that we are playing low net ABCD.    Diane also reiterated that our Mentor Program is offered to all new members.  The Mentors do not teach you how to play golf but to make you familiar with golf etiquette.  The Mentors are Roseann Chadwick, Dede Martin, Heather Orr, Lu McEwen and Val McIntosh. 

4)      Sandy announced that on January 29, 2020 from 2:00 – 5:00 there will be a Celebration of Life Service for Barry Shortt in the Club House.  We have voted to supply sandwiches, cookies, tea, coffee and Diet Coke for the service.  We also discussed ideas for a memorial for Barry.  Ideas that were discussed were either planting a tree on the property or a bench to be placed outside the Pro Shop.  We can put a plaque on the bench for Barry and then add others moving forward.  Any other ideas are welcome.

5)      Change to Articles: 

a)       Articles VI: Section 1:  Delete Auditor – Add Independent Reviewer outside of Board

b)      Article VIII: Section 4:  Delete auditing – Add reviewing

c)       Article VIII: Section 7:  Delete, in April – Add end of Season

These will be voted on at the next Brown Bag meeting.

6)      Lynne read the minutes from the last Association Board Meeting

7)      Rally for the Cause:  Annie is waiting to hear from Mary Lou Q. on what the large raffle gift will be before she can get tickets printed.  Nancy Kelly will be doing the baskets and Suzanne will be helping with the Hole-in-One contest.  Four men have volunteered to cook.  It was suggested that, if any Saturday groups would like to donate a basket, that would be appreciated.  Volunteer signup sheets will be available soon. The charities we are sponsoring this year are non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Leukemia.

8)      Dede announced that the next LEGA will be at Pine Lakes on January 15th.  If you are playing please arrive at 7:15 to line up carts.  The next LEGA will be at Six Lakes on February 4, 2020 the cost is $26.00 and must be paid for by January 21, 2020.

9)      Club Championship:  Val and Ruth Ann announced that the sheets will be posted on January 15th and will be taken down January 31st.

10)   Invitational:  Nancy Sweet has a signup sheet on the Ladies Bulletin Board for the Maple Leaf Invitational.  Nancy also asked for any Volunteers for the V.P. and Games position on the Board for next season.  The slate must be completed by the middle of February to be voted on at the March Brown Bag.  We also need someone to volunteer to be the Friendship Chair.

11)   Member/Guest:  Nancy Munro said all is going well for the Member/Guest which will be held on March 25th.  If anyone needs a guest check with Dede.  For the Member/Guest Tournament  over 80 ladies can play forward but need to play between the markers.

12)   Awards Luncheon:  Faye Kline gave us an update for Suzie Wagner.  The Luncheon is in negotiations with Dina’s at Sabal Springs.  To be held March 31st.

13)   The pot luck for the New Year’s Resolution tournament will be held Sunday, January 12th at 4:00 in the Club House.

14)   It was asked by a member to please be cautious when we are gathering on League day. It is advised that if you must come with your cart to the area near the LFGA bulletin board,  please drive around the back by the bocce court and not through the front driveway.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Festa








Monday March 16, 2020

Sign up in Lounge     

 February 16th

 1:00 to 2:00





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