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Thursday, November 21, 2019

6 p.m.

Clubhouse Main Hall.





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LFGA Board Meeting – Minutes – November 20, 2019

Board Members in attendance: Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, Sandy Young, Alan Stinson, George Files, Erv and Linda LaFave.       ELS Staff in attendance:  Jerry Jaromin, Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers

Board Members Absent:  Freda Bennett, Alan KeefeR

Alan Cristello called the meeting to order at 2:55

Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

Will you be trimming the palmettos along the cart path, especially next to the tee box of Hole # 12?

They are being trimmed along the cart path of all holes.  Thinning out of palmettos will follow after trimming is completed.

 Can you move tee markers more often to avoid wearing out of grassy areas?

Terry has been told by Jim to move them daily.  Terry moves them daily starting at the top the top of tee box and moving to the bottom.

 When mowing greens can the mowers be more careful so as not to tear up the grass?

The newer mowers have been instructed to make wider turns.

When will the hand rail at the top of Hole # 13 be repaired?

Jim is not sure how this happened.  Josh and Tad are working on getting a replacement piece.  Until it is repaired it will be roped off.

When will the dead pine trees on Hole # 18 be removed?

Per Steve, 10 dead trees will be removed December 11th.

Complaints about wet areas on the course.  Why do they continue to be watered?

They must continue to be watered until over seeding is completed.

It was noted that many of the in ground markers were buried. What is the status of locating and clearing grass around all markers?

All but 2 markers have been located and areas cleared.

It was requested last May that spraying not be done on League days.  Why was spraying done on Nov. 13th?

Jim Eggers took the blame.  He neglected to remind the person fertilizing on this day.

Can the overhanging tree on Hole # 6 in line with the 100 yard marker be cut?

This will be cut.  It is on the list to be done.

Hole # 10 tee box there is a railroad spike sticking out.  Can this be removed?

Jim and Tad tried to hammer it in.  This could not be done.  They will saw it off.

 In July there was a discussion to have Tad do cement work on the curb of Hole # 16.  When will this be done?    

This is on Tad’s list.  Steve is aware of this problem.

At the September meeting Steve stated that he was working on outside players parking too close to the pro shop.  What can be done?

Steve will have large vehicles park on the right side of the cart path in front of the blue tees.

At the October meeting we had a discussion to place more sod on Hole # 18 where the roots were removed. Has this been done?  

More sod will be put down.  If it does not take there was talk about roping off the entire fairway from the trees to the bridge.  Members would be forced to drive back to the trees and use the cart path.

It has been noticed that on some holes there is dark soil.  What is this?

It is rich soil with fertilizer.  It will make grass grow much quicker.        

Since pine straw has been placed around trees what is the ruling when your ball comes to rest in these areas?

Per Steve if this is not natural you get relief.  Relief being one club length and no nearer to the hole.

Additional Questions:

Alan Stinson noted that a mower followed them along the course for 18 holes.  Steve said that this should not happen.  Perhaps they should start on 18 and work backwards.    Alan also stated that the greens appeared to be getting smaller.  Jim Eggers disagreed.  Jim said that they are widening the collars so perhaps that is what makes them seem smaller. 

Alan Cristello asked when the men’s tee box would reopen on Hole # 15.  Jim Eggers feels that it should reopen within the next week.  Alan also complimented Jim on the condition of the greens.  They appear to be as good as the greens at Hideaway.

Alan Stinson complimented Jim Eggers and his staff for the completion of the work that was promised for the summer season.

Steve distributed handouts of 5 new rules concerning handicaps and will hand these out to the membership at the Semi-Annual meeting November 21, 2019.   Steve will have a session in the club house in the near future to explain them in detail.

Treasurer’s Report:   The ending balance as of November 20, 2019 is $7,140.39.

Secretary’s Report:  The reading was waived seeing as all have received it via email.

Pro-Shop:  Nothing to report

Ladies 18 Hole League:  All is going well.

Men’s League:  All is going well.  They have 72 members as of this date.

Couple at Large:  Everything is in place for the Semi-Annual meeting.

New Business:

The December Tournament signup sheet is in the Pro Shop.

George Files has purchased the new freezer and the shelving for the shed.

All gift cards have been purchased for the winners of the Turkey Trot and will be distributed at the Semi-Annual meeting November 21, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00

Lynne Festa







LFGA Semi-Annual General Meeting 

November 22, 2019

Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, George Files, Lynne Festa

ELS Staff in attendance:  Steve Allbritton, Jerry Jaromin

Freda called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Freda led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Steve Allbritton spoke on behalf of Jim Eggers, Davey, on the condition of our golf course.

Jim and Steve feel that the course is in good shape and will to continue to move forward on improving all aspects.

Sand was replaced in some of the sand traps this past summer and will be machine spun.  Full repair of sand traps on Holes # 10 and 18 will be done next summer.

Over seeding will be completed within the next 10 days.  Watering will be have to done for 7-8 days following the completion of the over seeding causing wet areas.  Until watering is completed you may lift, clean and place on Fairways Only.

There will be no chemical spraying during  league play. 

Please continue to repair your divets.

The tee box markers will be moved daily.

The palmettos will be trimmed back along the cart paths.

The men’s tees on Hole # 15 will be moved back to their original position within the next week.

Steve then spoke of the following:

LF is losing Julie Flake.  Julie has accepted another position with ELS.  We are losing a strong catalyst in getting work done on the course.

Steve thanked Jerry Jaromin for all he does for us.  Jerry got a standing ovation.

Steve thanked the Board for all their efforts.

Steve briefly mentioned the 5 new rules being put in place by the USGA.  Steve will have a Q & A session in December.  Date and time to be announced.

President’s Report:

Freda reminded us that there is a Fix-it book in the Pro Shop. If you see something out of order on the course please enter it into the book.   It is reviewed daily by Jim Eggers.

Freda commended Betty Dunmead for the great selection of merchandise in the Pro Shop.

Freda thanked George Files for purchasing the freezer, Dennis and Nancy Kelly and John Westfere were also thanked for their work in getting the new League shed in order.

Secretary’s Report:  Reading of the report was waived. It was posted on the Lake Fairways web page and on the LFGA Community board.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of November 20, 2019 the ending balance is $7,140. 39.  It was approved and accepted.

Membership Report:  As of this date we have 113 paid members.  We will have approximately 125 more members when the November and December dues are paid.

Nine Hole League:  As of this date we do not have a Nine Hole League.  If anyone is interested in being President they were asked to come forward.

Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy Young stated that all is going well.  Sandy congratulated the winners of the Ladies November shoot out.

1st place:  Barbara Flournoy

2nd place:  Sandi Keefer

3rd place: Rose Ann Chadwick

Annie Souza announced that, again this season, the Ladies 18 Hole League will be sponsoring the Rally for the Cause on February 23, 2020.  The specific charity has not yet been announced.

Men’s League:  Alan Stinson reported that all is going well.

Pro Shop:  Jerry had nothing new to report.

New Business:

Freda reported that Jim Eggers receives a copy of all questions regarding the course conditions prior to the Board meetings.  This helps is Jim to be aware of our concerns and can respond accordingly.

Membership was asked for a volunteer to compile next year’s LFGA booklet.

George Files and Alan Cristello announced the winners of the Turkey Trot Tournament.  The 5 players from the top 9 teams each received a $10.00 gift card.  The 5 players from the 17th place team each received a  $5.00 gift card.

Pat Hutz reported that we have 34 Volunteers who continue to work on the Tee Box Beautification project.

Rose Ann Chadwick raised a question about not having to hit over the water holes.  It was stated that this is a new Local Rule.  Sandy Young will investigate the Ladies 18 Hole League handbook to see if this complies with their rules.  Lucy Jaromin stated that Steve initiated the new Local Rule for the entire League. Steve will be asked if this rule is in effect for Tournaments, Championship and Shoot Outs.

Alan Cristello reported that the Christmas Tournament will be held on December 2, 2019.  The format will include teams of twosomes.  All tee times will be in the morning.  Deadline for sign up is November 29, 2019.  You can decorate your cart for this tournament and prizes will be awarded.

The January New Year’s Resolution Tournament will be held January 6th and 7th.  There will be morning and afternoon sessions.  The pot luck for this tournament will be held Sunday, January 12th.

Cindy Asaro and Ann Stobe will be manning the Starters Table for the Club Championship for the last time this year.  Volunteers are being sought to accompany Cindy and Ann to get familiar with the process.

Dede Martin asked if any Board positions will be open at the end of this season.  All Board members will be returning next year.

Freda thanked Erv and Linda LaFave, Couple at Large, and Cindy and Vince Asaro for their help tonight.

Ann and Rich Boutette were also thanked for helping with the 50/50.

Freda asked for continued prayers for our Members with health issues.

50/50:  there were 7 winners at $20.00 each.

The meeting adjourned at 6:35.

Lynne Festa





January 6th           New Year's Tournament
January 7th           New Year's Tournament
January 12th         New Year's Tournament - Potluck & Awards
March 7th              First Round Club Championship
March 8th             Final Round Club Championship
March 13th            Interclub Tournament @ Lake Fairways
March 14th           Interclub Tournament @ Pine Lakes
April 6th               April Fools Tournament
May 4th                May Tournament
June 1st               Flag Day Tournament
July 6th               Firecracker Tournament
August 3rd            Dog Day Tournament











1. For those players starting play in September, you must have posted a minimum, of 10 scores by February 1st.


2. For those players starting in January. you must have posted 5 scores by February 1st.


3. If you have any questions. please check your score entries at the pro shop.





Ladies 18 Hole Golf League Annual

Hole in One and Putting Contest

 February 23rd, 2020

11 a.m.




Ladies 18 Hole League Brown Bag Meeting

 November 6, 2019

Board Members in Attendance:  Nancy Sweet, Maryellen McCabe, Karen Pierce, Suzanne Cummings, Lynne Festa

Board Members Absent:  Sandy Young, Diane Dodson    

Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:45.  There were 22 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:  The report was waived and accepted.  Everyone had received the minutes via email.

Treasurer’s Report:  Karen Pierce reported that as of October 29, 2019 the ending balance was $2,450.85.  The report was approved and accepted.

Handicap Report:  Maryellen stated that as of November 1, 2018  we had 33 members.  As of November 1, 2019 we had 28 members.

Christmas Luncheon:  Nancy Sweet reported that the luncheon will be held December 4, 2019.  Cost is $15.00 and must be paid no later than November 29, 2019.  Jason’s Deli will provide the food.

Report from LFGA:  Freda stated that Davey had worked all summer to get the course in shape for the season.  Steve Allbritton asked that if anyone sees a problem on the course to please enter it into the fix-it book. Jim Eggers looks at the book daily.  The sand traps that were supposed to be repaired over the summer have not been done.  In reference to when the repair of the retaining wall on Hole # 17 will take place, the time will be answered at the next Association meeting.    Freda also informed us that Jim Eggers is sent a list of questions about the condition of the course before each Association Meeting.  This seems to be working well as Jim can come to the meeting prepared with the answers.


Old Business:  The winners of the September and October shoot outs were announced.

Winners for September were:

Judy Chase 1st

Dede Martin 2nd

Karen Pierce 3rd

Winners for October were:

Maryellen McCabe 1st

Nancy Finora 2nd

Linda Gromacki 3rd



Summer Addresses:  All members who go North for the Summer were asked to supply their summer addresses.

LEGA:  Maryellen reported for Dede Martin.  Dede sent out an email to the membership and wanted to make sure that you all knew that when you go to a LEGA event, it is up to you to post your score from that club and make sure you post it as a “tournament score”.  This is important so that all your gross scores count as they should toward your handicap.  When you post your own scores, including LEGA Tournaments, if you exceed your maximum, you must adjust your score before posting it.

Discussion of changes to handbook:  on page 2- arrival time to play.  Membership was asked to please arrive early enough so that all teams are present and can get carts set.  If you are not playing and you have signed up please let the Pro Shop know so that teams can be put in place and they do not have to make a last minute call to see if you are or are not playing.

Handicap Issues:  Maryellen asked that we remember to POST ALL OUR SCORES.


Reminder about Rules for Entering the Club Championship:

   1)     For those players starting play in September, you must have posted a minimum of 10 scores by February 1st.

   2)     For those players starting play in January, you must have posted 5 scores by February 1st.

3)   You are also able to post a 9 hole score.  Two 9 hole scores will be combined.  Just make sure you are playing with another golfer.  If the round was played alone it needs to be marked as such and it is  not used in your handicap.

Freda asked about the new Local Rule that Steve initiated about players not being forced to hit over all the water holes.  If you feel that you cannot make it over, you can take a stroke and carry your ball to the drop zone.   Freda stated that as of this date this has not been brought to LFGA.

A discussion ensued about the fact that this new Local Rule will have to be discussed and voted on to amend our handbook.

Freda also mentioned that the LFGA General Meeting will be held on November 21, 2109 at 6:00 p.m. and all meetings are posted on Lake Fairways Homeowners website.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

Lynne Festa,






The Ladies 18 Hole League

December Article by Lucy Jaromin


Welcome ladies, most of our members are back and ready for the new season.

The September shootout winner were. 1st Judy Chase, 2nd Dede Martin, 3rd Karen Pierce. 


The October qualifiers were;  Maryellen McCabe, Sandy Keefer, Annie Souza, Carol  Fenech, Michelle Gregg, Nancy Finora, Linda  Gromacki, Lucy Jaromin, Judy Judge and Lynn  Festa,


The winners were;  1st Maryellen Mccabe, 2nd Nancy Finora 3rd. Linda Gromacki.


The November qualifiers were Ann  Boutette, Marcia Stinson, Barb Flournoy, Lucy Jaromin, RoseAnn Chadwick, Sandy Keefer, Linda Gromacki, Paula Morrison, Brenda McGuire, Heather  Orr.  Alternates were Freda Bennett, Val  McInTosh, and Delores Starzomski.

The winner ere ; 1st Barbara Flournoy, 2nd Sandy Keefer, 3rd RoseAnn Chadwick


The December shootout will be on the 19th, so plan to attend and show your support.


LEGA finished for the season with Cross Creek Country Club. None  of our ladies attended. There were ten ladies attending the Landings Country Club LEGA. They were Dede Martin, Sandie Gordon, RoseAnn Chadwick, Mary Buchman, Michelle Gregg, Nancy Finora, Lucy Jaromin, Barb Flournoy, and Annie Souza.

Sandie Gordon and Barb Flournoy came in first in their flights and RoseAnn Chadwick, Dede Martin, Lucy Jaromin. were also winners. We will start again in January with Pine Lake.

Remember ladies, you are responsible for entering your own scores for out of the park tournaments


The brown bag  meeting was held on November 6th with 22 members in attendance. Nancy Sweet reported that the Christmas Luncheon with the Nine Hole members will be held on Dec. 4th. Jason's  Deli will cater it. Yummy!! It is a fun day for everyone. Speaking of fun days, the league is getting together again with the men for Thanksgiving and Christmas play.


It was also brought up at the meeting to please us the fix it book in the pro shop if you notice anything needs attention. Jim Egger relies on your observations.


The Gardeners are back taking care of our Tee boxes. Please see Pat Hutz if you need supplies as she is working with Jim Eggers and Davey Tree.


The driving range is now open for clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Steve is availabe for lesson anytime.


We are still saying prayers for Barbara Murphy, Estele Lizotte. Lea Hanson Ann Mantini, and Suzanne Cummings.





Writer: Frank Starzomski

December is here already and many golfers are preparing to head north for the Christmas season. Safe travels. See you in the new year.

Improvements to the golf course are beginning to take shape. More patience from the golfers is requested for the next couple of weeks, mid-December at least, as the watering program continues. Golfers can assist the ground crew by paying careful attention to instructions and signage. AVOID driving on soft areas, but if you find yourself in a wet area by mistake take your time and work your way carefully back to firm ground.

Hats off to Pat Hutz, Laura Broad and their dedicated, enthusiastic team for the considerable gardening skills in beautifying the tee box areas around the golf course.

Repairing damaged turf on the tee boxes seems to be improving but more diligence is still needed. Keep up the good work. If we always repair our own ball marks and divots (lead by example) soon our playing partners will catch on.

The Christmas decorations at the Pro Shop is a pleasant holiday surprise. Thank you to the Lake Fairways Golf Association Board for this decision, plus dispatching elves to carry out the work. Take a peek as you pass by after dark.

THANK YOU to the NUMEROUS VOLUNTEERS and VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS who put in countless hours to make our golfing experience enjoyable. You know who you are!

“May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through.”

Hit ‘um long and straight….




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